Jacobite: The Early Years (English Edition) par Parker Jon

Jacobite: The Early Years (English Edition) par Parker Jon

Titre de livre: Jacobite: The Early Years (English Edition)

Auteur: Parker Jon

Broché: 254 pages

Date de sortie: December 21, 2012

Éditeur: Parker Jon

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Parker Jon avec Jacobite: The Early Years (English Edition)

The Jacobite uprising of 1715, in support of the Old Pretender, has failed with the defeat of the Earl of Mar at the battle of Sheriffmuir. Across the glens of the Highlands, the warrior class is racked with discontent, seething with smouldering resentment. The hated redcoats are tightening their remorseless, savage grip on the land. Under the military stewardship of Major General Gates, they restrain the clans' warlike aspirations. English soldiers construct a series of military roads and bridges, occupy the main existing Scottish fortifications and erect new strategic barracks for their troops.
The old warrior clan system of The Highlands is under strain. Clan chiefs are ignoring their feudal obligations. They and the hereditary landowners are flexing their financial muscles, embracing the English concept of profit, which eventually, a century later, results in the highland clearances and the total breakdown of the clan system.
James (Jamie) Macdonald, the younger son of the clan chief of Glen Coe, is forced to leave his home, excommunicated by the actions of his domineering father and by the evil machinations of his older brother. In the company of Black Dog Macgregor, a forsworn man, they embark on the life of cattle drovers, agreeing to herd the Macdonald animals across the bleak highlands of Scotland and along the wild, untamed border. They are to supply the various English garrisons with cattle and sheep. To achieve this, the two must protect the herds from the raiders and bandits infesting the wilds of Scotland and its
borders. To this end, they engage the services of the most notorious border reiver of all, Bloody Tom Kilpatrick, along with his band of cutthroats. These men owe no allegiance to either kingdom; they are only bound together by their blood oaths to each other and their liking for plunder!