Etienne Krahenbuhl: Temps Suspendu par Oliver Horn

Etienne Krahenbuhl: Temps Suspendu par Oliver Horn

Titre de livre: Etienne Krahenbuhl: Temps Suspendu

Auteur: Oliver Horn

Broché: 276 pages

Date de sortie: August 27, 2014

ISBN: 3038280933

Éditeur: Till Schaap Edition

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Oliver Horn avec Etienne Krahenbuhl: Temps Suspendu

This volume is dedicated to work of Etienne Krahenbuhl (born 1953), one of the leading contemporary sculptors in Switzerland. He pushes metal to its extremes, to convey both movement and sound from earth's interior. He works with conventional metals but also explores high-tech mediums such as shape memory alloys and superconductors. Published to mark Krahenbuhl's 60th birthday, this is the first monograph of sculpture that is unique and innovative. Fully illustrated, it gives a fascinating insight into the range and diversity of his work. The theme of Krahenbuhl's sculpture is the permanent movement of a work in process, succinctly moving between art and science, philosophy and poetry, he translates the very essence of his chosen medium, connecting the natural elements, to concepts of society and wider social culture.