Thorgal - tome 14 Giants (14) par Rosinski

Thorgal - tome 14 Giants (14) par Rosinski

Titre de livre: Thorgal - tome 14 Giants (14)

Auteur: Rosinski

Broché: 48 pages

Date de sortie: June 6, 2013

ISBN: 184918156X

Éditeur: Cinebook

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Rosinski avec Thorgal - tome 14 Giants (14)

In their island fortress, Kriss and Shaigan still reign over their band of pirates and raiders. But Shaigan is beginning to have doubts, and when a prisoner who knew him calls him Thorgal, the child of the stars begs the gods of Asgard to give him back his name and his destiny. In return, the gods require that Thorgal travel to the kingdom of giants and steal from their ruler...and then Thorgal will be Thorgal again.